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Welcome to Stardust Enterprises. Because this site began as a result of watching way too much MD:TAS, we would like to consider it to be a part of the Duck Fandom. However, it has expanded into something much greater than any of us would have realized. It has plenty of Duck content, but tons of Fantasy elements in general. Pretty much anything goes here. All that is asked is that you follow the rules.

Updated: February 8, 2005

..::The Safe Haven::..

What seems to be a regular farm placed on one-hundred acres of land in northern New York, Stardust Enterprises has become known as a "safe haven". It started when Cloud began buying up abused and tattered horses from auctions close by. It quickly changed into the home of various Unicorns, Shape-shifters, Weres, Vampires, and even a few "hunted" Humans. The adventures are frequent, and nothing is ever quiet for long. Everyone is welcome, unless they mean harm to those who already occupy the residence.

Credits and Warnings

Our thanks and credit goes out to everyone who has supported us through our troubles, and for everyone who helps to make this site a better place. Thank you all. Also, a warning: Some content on this site may be of an adult nature. A warning will be placed by this material. Don't flame us. You have been warned.

Stardust Enterpries (c) Jen Foster and Shannon Conroy. Please no stealing.

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